Tanning Lotion in Sun Beds

What will happen if I don’t use a lotion?

In door and out-door tanning are similar in nature, they both activate your bodies own melanin production.  When tanning without a lotion it takes your body 5 to 7 minutes to start to produce its own melanin.  For someone who is in a sun bed that is only tanning for 5 or 6 minutes isn’t really producing any melanin there for the tanner won’t see significant results.

However, using a tanning lotion such as Australian Gold, Squeeze, Millenium, Designer Skin, Supre

Professional Tanning Lotions

Professional Tanning Lotions

a tanner will start to produce melanin in 30 to 60 seconds.  The reason is tyrosine, professional tanning lotion contains tyrosine aka tan activator helping your body to get the best, most natural tan a quickly as your body allows.

Remember to always buy your tanning lotion from a professional tanning salon, purchasing lotion from the internet will expose you to a whole host of problems….more to come on that subject




Sunshine and Vitamin D

This article was written by Oliver Gillie on Nov 24th 2014.  It is loaded with great information on the benefits of Vitamin D and how the sun is getting a bad rap.  We need the sun, it is our friend, like everything in life, in moderation.  The health care system is over run with sick people, mostly due to lack of exercise and sun shine.  After I read his article I hesitantly read the comments, the first 4 comments where all positive feedback and life experiences from people that have different ailments.

This is Olivers story

There is little chance of leading a truly simple life today because so much of it is done with the advice of experts. When it comes to safe driving, it is the likes of the Department of Transport or the AA; with food, we are bombarded with nutritional tips; and there is no shortage of instruction on how to bring up our children.

We tend to believe the advice of people with a good track record and evident qualifications. But sometimes they get it wrong, sometimes they disagree, and that is where the simple life ends.

Take dermatologists, who, over the years, have advised and frightened people into avoiding the sun. There is a link between excessive sun exposure and melanoma, the form of skin cancer that carries a high risk of death.

But the link is not clear cut. Melanoma occurs in the mouth, the anus and on the soles of the feet, areas that get little or no sun, as well as on the face, which may get a lot. So the relationship with the sun is not obvious.

And despite what dermatologists tell us, the evidence shows that in the UK people are less likely to get melanoma if they spend weekends mostly outdoors, where they inevitably get more sun exposure.

People who stay inside have low sun exposure, low vitamin D (made in the skin when it is exposed to sunshine) and are at greater risk of several kinds of cancer. So it is a good idea to take vitamin D supplements, at least 2,000 units a day, especially in winter.

However, The Lancet, the world’s best-known medical journal, recently suggested in an editorial that most of the benefits of vitamin D advanced by scientific studies are a “myth”. It says that people tend to have low vitamin D when they are ill because they do not go outdoors very much.

This was also the view presented in papers published in The Lancet by two teams, Philippe Autier of the International Prevention Research Institute, Lyon, and Mark Bolland of the Department of Medicine, University of Auckland. They argue that clinical trials of vitamin D have failed to show any clear benefit. However, most of the trials have used low doses of the vitamin. Professor Michael Holick, pioneer of vitamin D research at Boston University, says 4,000 units per day is required to give an optimum level of the vitamin in the blood, enough to prevent disease. A number of clinical trials relied on by The Lancet editorial and its authors used a daily dose of just 400 units.

The Lancet and its authors have also, in my view, used defective scientific reasoning based on what statisticians call a “type 2 error”. They have over-generalised a result that only has a narrow basis in fact. A negative result in a clinical trial of vitamin D supplementation in adults cannot be generalised because it cannot rule out damage caused by vitamin D deficiency many years earlier that is irreversible. Adult disease may be caused by deficiency of vitamin D occurring in childhood or teenage years and such disease may not be remedied by giving the vitamin later.

This is the case with rickets, a bone deformation in children caused by lack of both sunshine and vitamin D. Rickets may be corrected if vitamin D is given to a child. But once bones stop growing in adulthood deformities become fixed and cannot be changed by giving vitamin D. I have explained these errors in more detail in a peer-reviewed article in Public Health Nutrition (journals.cambridge.org/phn/vitaminD).

There is good evidence to suggest that a shortage of vitamin D in the womb and early life may be a cause of three serious diseases: multiple sclerosis, type 1 (juvenile) diabetes, and autism. Heart disease and a number of cancers are also linked to insufficient vitamin D at various life stages. This, at least, is the view of a large number of experts who have published their findings.

It can be difficult to decide where the truth lies when experts disagree, but not when, as in The Lancet’s vitamin D articles, the argument depends upon a basic statistical error.

**If you would like to read the comments from the original post of this article, you can find them here:


Tanning Lotion Benefits

A question is often asked, “what difference does a lotion make”?  A comment that is often said is “I tan regardless if I use a lotion or not”.

This is the scoop on tanning lotion as I know it.  Whether you are in the sun or in a sun bed, they are similar in elements.  The sun, cold weather and wind will strip away valuable nutrients from the skin.  Using a good quality tanning lotion purchased from a reputable tanning studio will nourish the skin, preventing it from loss of nutrients.  Also, keeping your skin hydrated while tanning in doors or out doors will aid in preventing wrinkles or premature aging, which is also caused by dry skin.  That unsightly leathery look that some people get is plain and simply dry skin that has been neglected and needs to be taken care of with a high quality lotion and moisturizer.

A  suggestion for a more natural  tanning lotion.

Treat your skin to Hempz

Treat your skin to Hempz

These lotions  embrace the power of the sun with the power of the leaf. Hempz Professional Sun Care products help you achieve the ultimate in deep, forbidden color and hydrate your skin through the use of Pure Hemp Seed Oil and Extract. From maximizers and bronzers to facial bronzers. 

Daily moisturizers :

Drink in Hempz moisturizers

Drink in Hempz moisturizers

7 different lotions to choose from all containing specific ingredients such as   Shea Butter, Ginseng and natural extracts help calm, soothe and condition skin.  Vitamins A, C and E help protect the skin from natural and environmentally triggered oxidants. Paraben-free, Gluten-free, 100% Vegan.  THC drug-free.



Are goggles really mandatory?

Yes, goggles are mandatory when in door tanning.


By tanning in doors with out eye protection you are putting your eyes at risk of Glaucoma, Cataracts and flash burns.  Placing a towel over your face while tanning whether in doors or out does not protect your eyes from the UV light, in fact, you are also risking burning the delicate eye lids.

Tanning goggles will block 99.9% of the UV light from penetrating the eye lids, just like sunglasses for out doors.  In door tanning  goggles are to fit snugly to the eye area preventing any light from getting in.

Sun Spa does not sanitize goggle for the clients protection and we recommend that no one wear sanitized goggles. In door tanning goggles are very affordable at $3.00 a pair, their benefits are worth their weight in gold,  if you happen to forget your goggles, no worries, we have one time use goggles that can be purchased for $1.00

At Sun Spa our clients are our priority is making sure the client has a safe, relaxing and comfortable experience.  Protecting your eyes is protecting your windows to the world.

Top 10 Gift Ideas

Six short weeks from today and Santa will have already made his grand entrance, the gifts will be opened, children will be playing, turkey will be roasting and Mom and Dad will be pretty well exhausted!
During the next six weeks there will be hustling and bustling getting events organized and during all of this we have to figure out what to give that easy or hard person to buy for.

Here is our top 10 list of ideas

1. Gift certificates, available in any denomination

2. Tanning package, for the snow bird or those needing some extra Vitamin D

3. Tanning lotions, huge selection to fit any budget

3. Spray tan,  New Year’s eve for that special someone to get their glow on

4. Luxurious moisturizer, designed especially for tanners

5. Mini moisturizer for stocking stuffers.

6. Beach wear, sarongs, beach bags, for the sunny South vacationer.

7. Inch loss Slender Quest body wrap

8. Teeth Whitening, at home kits as well as sun bed kits.

9. Hempz body wash, with a Hempz moisturizer gift set

10. Gift certificate for any waxing service.


That is our top 10 list, of course there is so many other great services to choose from, this is just the start!


Merry Christmas, and happy shopping!




Shorter Days = Longer Nights

How many of you spend most of your day in the dark?  I don’t mean unaware of your surroundings, I mean literally get up in the morning in the dark, work all day indoors and then return home in the evening in the dark.
All of the “darkness” can lead to S.A.D. ( seasonal affective disorder).  SAD is real and it is emotionally draining to a lot of Ontarians and Canadians.
There are many different treatments for classic (winter-based) seasonal affective disorder, including light therapy with sunlight or bright lights, antidepressant medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, ionized-air administration and carefully timed supplementation of the hormone melatonin and exposure to UVB. 

Symptoms of SAD may consist of difficulty waking up in the morning, morning sickness, tendency to oversleep and over eat, especially a craving for carbohydrates, which leads to weight gain. Other symptoms include a lack of energy, difficulty concentrating on or completing tasks, and withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities and decreased sex drive.  All of this leads to depression, pessimistic feelings of hopelessness, and lack of pleasure which characterize a person suffering from this disorder.

A boost in Vitamin D can also help greatly with S.A.D.  With our suns seasonal changes we aren’t able to get the Vitamin D needed to fight off S.A.D.  Vitamin D is readily available in our food, but is it enough?  Spending just one minute in  a sun bed can provide 1000 iu of Vitamin D which means you don’t have to spend several minutes at  a time in a sunbed and risk overexposure, just one little minute will do the trick to boost Vitamin D and combat the symptoms of S.A.D.

Hello and Welcome to Sun Spa

Welcome, it is my pleasure to meet you!

I have blogged for some time now on health issues and with my recent opening of my tanning salon, I thought it would be more beneficial to have a second blog on tanning.

My salon is new and 1 of 5 salons in my city of Owen Sound.  We are proud members and only members in Owen Sound of the Joint Canadian Tanning Association and very excited to share with you the benefits of indoor tanning.

As a tanning salon owner and tanner myself I am looking forward to sharing information on safe, healthy UV tanning as well as spray tanning.


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