Tanning Lotion in Sun Beds

What will happen if I don’t use a lotion?

In door and out-door tanning are similar in nature, they both activate your bodies own melanin production.  When tanning without a lotion it takes your body 5 to 7 minutes to start to produce its own melanin.  For someone who is in a sun bed that is only tanning for 5 or 6 minutes isn’t really producing any melanin there for the tanner won’t see significant results.

However, using a tanning lotion such as Australian Gold, Squeeze, Millenium, Designer Skin, Supre

Professional Tanning Lotions

Professional Tanning Lotions

a tanner will start to produce melanin in 30 to 60 seconds.  The reason is tyrosine, professional tanning lotion contains tyrosine aka tan activator helping your body to get the best, most natural tan a quickly as your body allows.

Remember to always buy your tanning lotion from a professional tanning salon, purchasing lotion from the internet will expose you to a whole host of problems….more to come on that subject




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