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Are goggles really mandatory?

Yes, goggles are mandatory when in door tanning.


By tanning in doors with out eye protection you are putting your eyes at risk of Glaucoma, Cataracts and flash burns.  Placing a towel over your face while tanning whether in doors or out does not protect your eyes from the UV light, in fact, you are also risking burning the delicate eye lids.

Tanning goggles will block 99.9% of the UV light from penetrating the eye lids, just like sunglasses for out doors.  In door tanning  goggles are to fit snugly to the eye area preventing any light from getting in.

Sun Spa does not sanitize goggle for the clients protection and we recommend that no one wear sanitized goggles. In door tanning goggles are very affordable at $3.00 a pair, their benefits are worth their weight in gold,  if you happen to forget your goggles, no worries, we have one time use goggles that can be purchased for $1.00

At Sun Spa our clients are our priority is making sure the client has a safe, relaxing and comfortable experience.  Protecting your eyes is protecting your windows to the world.